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Solar Juan Antonio

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About Solar Juan Antonio

When we arrived at Juan Antonio Soler shop, a large shed to the side of the railway station in Jimena, I find apologizing for the mess. A neat art studio? It would be a rarity. But in this case, it would not by the artist`s personality but a huge variety of artistic expressions. On all sides, in an order that only he could understand, we noticed canvases, papers with doodles someday be reflected in them, sketches for future sculptures, jars of paint brushes and tools for ceramics, oven... and also forging the soul of a piano someday be part of this illustrious instrument yet to be restored.

Born in La Linea de la Concepcion in 1966, Juan Antonio Soler is a painter, sculptor, writer, graphic designer and photographer, among many other things. From an early age his artistic concerns have led, for example, found the journal `Initiatives` in 1977 to cover cultural events of the region. His academic background is impeccable: Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Granada and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, where he studied with renowned artists such as Mimmo Iodice, Giovanni Bruno Starita or Girosi. But one Renaissance artist like John is not just theory.

In 1993 he received a scholarship to study and collaborate with sculptor Dijkers Ruud in the International faculties and schools of art and design in Granada in 1993, or travel to Peru with another grant from the Agency for International Cooperation (Intercampus) for the expansion of doctoral studies and makes a sculpture for the campus of the Pontifical University of Peru.

Those same concerns led him to the set in Paris, a city to which he moved in 1997 to attend art classes and literature at the Sorbonne and to perform various exhibitions. Returning back to Granada, carried out the expansion of the curtains "and Judy Puppets"-designed by Federico Garcí Lorca, Hermenegildo Lanz and Ramon Gaya for "La Barraca", as well as backdrops for The Starters of Miguel de Cervantes, premiered by the Theatre Company at the Alhambra Theatre Lorca. And since 1999 working in Paris with fashion designer Marie Meunier in creating painted couture models, for which it has created a collection of jewelry strong sculptural character. And in his workshop supposedly messed saw, in perfect military formation, a series of sculptures of hands golfer Severiano Ballesteros, commissioned by the athlete to use as gifts from one of his companies and about to be delivered. No surprise, then, that John is self-described as `a clueless` - knowing that it is not.

Exhibition History of Solar Juan Antonio

As was customary in the Renaissance, Juan Antonio Soler today delivers time and work between Jimena, Paris and Madrid, where the latter city opens an exhibition at the House of Brazil Fernando Pessoa 24 this month, until February 7.

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